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Pet Electrical, India’s Electrophile Private Limited seal deal for Nigerian market


Pet Electrical, India's Electrophile Private Limited seal deal for Nigerian market

A Nigerian firm, Pet Electrical and Mechanical Ltd, has entered a partnership with Electrophile India Private Ltd for the manufacture and assembly of electrical equipment in Nigeria.

The products, including distribution boards, modular boxes, and changeover switches, will be manufactured or assembled at Pet Electrical and Mechanical Ltd’s facility at Asaba, Delta State.

Petferns Group spokesperson, Peace Eberechukwu, and Electrophile’s representatives, Krishna Iyer and Vinay Gaur, stated this at the weekend during a meeting with journalists in Lagos.

The partnership will commence operations from the first week of next January and is seeking distributors from all over Nigeria and West Africa.

Eberechukwu said the deal is separate from Petferns Group’s N2billion industrial project expected to commence operations soon in Bayelsa. 

She stated that the Electrophile deal will involve the transfer of technology to Nigerian engineers.

Iyer, who spoke for Electrophile, assured that the products would meet customer requirements in terms of quality, and price.

He said: “All of the products will have SONCAP certification. There will be SONCAP certification for every shipment. We are in the process of getting the product certified from the organisation involved (Standards Organisation of Nigeria, SON). The equipment are ready. They will be here after Christmas, first week of January, 2012.”

He explained that the components that are for assemblage in Asaba have already been produced in Faridabad, near Delhi and will be shipped to Nigeria after obtaining SONCAP certification.

“That is the second stage. We’ll bring in the products in complete knockdown condition. Then they’ll be assembled here. Every assembly will get a SONCAP certificate in India before we send the shipment to Nigeria.

“The prices will be very competitive, because unless we are competitive we cannot sell in the market.”

Gaur further explained that the products will have a minimum of one year warranty.

He said: “In general any manufactured goods comes with a warranty of one year from the date of shipment. But since the shipment period can be as high as 60 days, the warranty would be – from the date of landing in Nigeria – somewhere between 12 months and 18 months from the date of shipment.”

Responding to a question on how long the partnership would be, he said: “It is the beginning. It is to last as long as we want it to last. We have just entered a small agreement valid for about a year till March 2022.

“In between the course of the financial year, we’ll see how we need to progress. This is only one of the products that we’re talking about. There are many things we could do jointly, which we could transfer technology, ideas. This is the dream, and the main thing is that we have started work on it. We are trying to focus and make the dream and make it as big as possible.”

The company said despite it being its first entry into the Nigerian market, it was optimistic.

“We are 100 per cent confident and we are hoping to keep that 100 per cent confidence going.

“Nigeria is the hub for West Africa.

In India, when you speak of West Africa, people know more about Nigeria or Lagos, more than Gabon, or maybe Conakry.”




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