Joseph ONELE (Esq) is the Modern Day Definition of Passion.

By Ohaka, Aloysius Kelechi

Rough they have made the path of growth for the next generational leaders of this country. Many have fallen out and a greater portion have given in to the tedious nature of survival in the country. Only those with strong minds and climax determination get to the last point of their destiny path. Even at that, they turn their back on their immediate society.

Only a few actually downsize their ego and tend to drop their inputs during their pursuit of greater goals. Then they return to their society to prepare the best foundation for the youths. Among the few, I have found a brother and friend worthy of mention Barr Onele Joseph. His passion for a greater tomorrow is the driving force of many people around him.

Joseph ONELE (Esq) understands perfectly that it takes a long rope to pull the pole. Yet, he tries to keep his eyes above waters when lifting the mindsets, especially of the growing generation, towards a better future.

Barr ONELE, unlike other comfortable youths in the country, has looked back to his beginning and thought it wise to lift the lids of the eye to redefine the future through the youths. Having outlined certain programmes for the secondary and higher institutions, the aim remains to dig the youths out of penury and establish high handed and standard prowess for survival.

My important prayer at this moment is that God should redirect his path tomorrow towards political leadership, although he seems not interested in that. He is only delving into quality leadership of the youths outside the political arena.

However, I understand it is difficult for a youth of his calibre who has travelled far and wide, to delve into politics. Aside politics, there is absolutely nothing he has not seen in human existentialism. But definitely, those his qualities that have made him outstanding among his equals are the real charisma of a good political leader.

Let us join hands with Joseph ONELE (Esq) to build the next generational leaders of Nigeria.


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