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Widespread damage after explosion in Beirut


There has been a  large blast in the Lebanese capital, Beirut,  which has caused widespread damage, injured hundreds of people and destroyed many buildings.

The Lebanese Red Cross reported this and says it is not yet clear what caused the explosion in the port region.

Lebanon’s internal security chief, however, said the blast happened in an area housing highly explosive items.

Hospitals are said to be overwhelmed as injured persons are being rushed in for medical attention.

Reports have it that 10 bodies have been pulled out from the wreckage and there has been severe damage enough to put the port out of action.

This unfortunate incident comes at a sensitive time for Lebanon, as they are faced with an unprecedented economic crisis reigniting old divisions.

The Health Minister, Hamad Hasan, confirmed many injured persons as the Lebanese Red Cross, already at the scene had taken hundreds of people to the hospital for immediate medical treatment.

The cause of the accident is not certain but there are speculations that it might have been an accident.

President Michel Aoun called for an emergency meeting of the Supreme Defence Council and declared Wednesday a day of mourning.

Tensions are also high in Beirut ahead of Friday’s verdict in a trial over the killing of ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005.

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