NLC Rejects President Tinubu’s Minimum Wage Review


The Nigeria Labour Congress has reacted angrily to President Bola Tinubu’s announcement that the minimum wage would be reviewed soon. The Congress stated in the statement that it was “open knowledge” that the minimum wage review will begin in 2024, as required by law. The Congress also noted that the Tinubu administration had failed to cooperate and talk with organized labour members.

“Labour is disturbed that while President Tinubu lavishly praised the Private Sector in his speech for quickly dispensing wage awards to their employees, the Federal Government has failed to do the same for public workers in its employment,” reads the statement signed by the national president, Joe Ajaero.

This is a clear example of a company failing miserably to fulfil the criteria it has set for others to meet.

“It is common knowledge that a review of the national minimum wage is a legal requirement that will take place in 2024.” How will Nigerian workers deal with the current reality of hyperinflation and hardship unleashed by the quick elimination of the so-called petrol subsidy until the national minimum wage is reassessed in 2024? This is amazing!”

Ajaero added, “Organised Labour has been forced to negotiate with empty chairs on the Federal Government’s side because the Federal Government has not matched its public promises with a firm commitment to negotiate in good faith with labour.” The pay award subcommittee has not been established and has not met.”

Rachael Aiyke
Mike Ojo

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