Bayelsa State Commissioner for Education Uncovers Shocking Child Labor Incident in Rural School


Bayelsa State Commissioner for Education Uncovers Shocking Child Labor Incident in Rural School

Yenagoa, Bayelsa State – [Date] – In an unexpected turn of events during a routine inspection, the Bayelsa State Commissioner for Education, Hon. Dr. Gentle Emelah, discovered pupils at Community Primary School 1 & 2 Angalabiri in Sagbama Local Government Area engaged in child labor activities during school hours.

Dr. Emelah’s visit revealed that the pupils were washing freshly harvested cassava in the school premises instead of attending classes. The children reported that they had not received any lessons that day and were instructed by their teachers to harvest cassava for them.

Upon further investigation, the teachers confessed to having assigned the pupils this task and pleaded with Dr. Emelah for forgiveness. Expressing his profound displeasure, Dr. Emelah emphasized that such acts are not only disappointing but also detrimental to the students’ education and well-being.

In response to this alarming situation, Dr. Emelah immediately summoned the Head Teacher, who was absent during the inspection, along with all other teachers involved, to report to the Commissioner’s Office in Yenagoa for appropriate sanctions.

“This incident is a serious violation of our commitment to providing quality education to every child in Bayelsa State,” stated Dr. Emelah. “We will take stringent measures to ensure such unacceptable practices are eradicated from our schools.”

The Bayelsa State Ministry of Education remains dedicated to safeguarding the educational environment and ensuring that all students receive the quality education they deserve.

Mike Ojo

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