Anambra State Cracks Down on Human Trafficking: Couple and Accomplice Handed to Police


In a decisive move against human trafficking, the Anambra State Government, through the Ministry of Women and Social Welfare, has handed over a couple and an accomplice to the police in Ifitedunu, Dunukofia Local Government Area.

The incident was disclosed in a statement by Chidinma Ikeanyionwu, media aide to the Women Affairs Commissioner, Ify Obinabo, on Facebook on Tuesday.

The arrest followed a tip-off from the community chairman, Mr. Arinzechukwu Azodo, who informed Commissioner Obinabo about the suspected trafficking activities. Azodo reported being alerted by his team commander, leading to the swift action of informing the commissioner, who then instructed the suspects’ apprehension.

Investigations revealed that the suspects were on the verge of closing a deal worth one million naira. One suspect, Ebere, confessed that she had been approached by another suspect, Temple Nwankwo, to sell her twin baby. Ebere agreed to the plan and facilitated contact with a prospective buyer. However, Temple denied any involvement in the transaction.

Ebere recounted, “I accepted to partner with her and linked her to a buyer who needed a male child urgently. After negotiations, we planned to meet at Oye Agu to finalize the deal, but Temple insisted on immediate payment of one million naira, which the buyer refused since he hadn’t seen the baby. This disagreement led Temple to withdraw from the arrangement.”

In her defense, Temple, from Enugu State but residing in Ifitedunu, denied any business dealings with Ebere, stating that she only reconnected with Ebere during her pregnancy. Temple claimed Ebere sought her help to obtain a male child but denied any involvement, warning Ebere to stay away.

Further investigation unveiled community suspicions of Temple’s involvement in human trafficking, with accusations that she and her husband, Ndubuisi Nwankwo, were engaged in the illicit trade. When questioned about the whereabouts of her children, Temple claimed they were deceased, but her inconsistent story aroused further suspicion.

The statement from the ministry emphasized, “Community members alleged that Temple and her husband are involved in trafficking, noting the unexplained absence of their children. When questioned, they claimed the children were dead, with no witnesses to the burials, raising doubts.”

Visibly saddened by the revelations, Commissioner Obinabo handed the suspects over to the police for thorough investigation and prosecution, underscoring the government’s commitment to eradicating human trafficking in Anambra State. She urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the ministry.

Mike Ojo

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