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Group Begs NLC To Shelve Planned Industrial Strike/Protest Over Fuel Subsidy Removal


Professional Online Media Executives of Nigeria (POMEN), a collection of online media practitioners, has called on the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to call off the scheduled strike and protest.

In a statement issued on Monday by its President, Kunle Rasheed, and National Secretary, Tunde Ogunmola, the professional group encouraged the labour movement to reconsider their decision, claiming that it would further undermine the economy.

POMEN stated that without major economic restructuring and changes, Nigeria would not be able to get back on track, expressing trust in the federal government’s different economic and budgetary plans.

The online media experts advised the NLC and CSOs to work with the government to restructure the economy rather than taking steps that would impede the country’s prosperity.

“We urge the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to look beyond today’s challenges and shelve the proposed strike and protest in response to the impact of the fuel subsidy removal policy.” There is no doubt that the influence is having an impact on everyone, but there is a need to endure to reap future benefits.

“The economy is undergoing a rebirth, and so many inches and punches will be felt by all and sundry.

The Nigerian economy requires restructuring and institutional reforms to allow all sectors to function properly to achieve economic growth and development.

“Now is the time for Labour to work with the federal government to ensure that institutional reforms and fiscal restructuring do not fail, but instead produce the desired results for the benefit of all citizens.”

It will be remembered that the organized labour had planned a demonstration on Wednesday, August 2, over the elimination of the subsidy on petrol, the consequent hardship on Nigerians, and the government’s yet-to-be-implemented palliatives to cushion the severe effect of the subsidy payment halt.

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