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US 2020 Election: Biden wins in Dixville Notch


US 2020 Election: Biden wins in Dixville Notch

Dixville Notch, a New Hampshire township along the US-Canada border, is among the first places in the country to make its presidential preference known as former Vice President, Joe Biden took all five of the votes cast for president in the town and emerged the winner.

Reports have it that the ballots were cast in the minutes after midnight, becoming some of the first cast and counted on Election Day.

US 2020 Election: Biden wins in Dixville Notch


By tradition, all eligible voters gather in the storied “Ballot Room” at The Balsams resort in Dixville Notch to cast their secret ballots once polls open at midnight.

Once every ballot is cast, votes are tallied and result announced hours before anywhere else, making it a favoured spot for reporters and observers eager for any hints of what is to come on Election Day.



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