SDP Chair: President Tinubu Should Dismiss 70% of His Cabinet


As President Bola Ahmed Tinubu approaches his one-year anniversary in office, the nation remains polarized over his administration’s performance. While supporters praise his efforts, many Nigerians are left disappointed. In a candid interview on Channels TV, Social Democratic Party (SDP) National Chairman Shehu Gabam voiced his discontent, recommending a drastic overhaul of Tinubu’s cabinet to steer Nigeria towards recovery.

Criticism of the Administration

Gabam criticized Vice President Kashim Shettima’s optimistic assessment of the administration, highlighting a disconnect between political rhetoric and the dire realities facing Nigerians. He cited the government’s premature decision to remove fuel subsidies on their first day in office as a critical misstep that has exacerbated the nation’s economic woes.

Economic Woes and Policy Failures

“The economy is suffocating,” Gabam stated, pointing out that every sector—from agriculture to healthcare—is in distress. He argued that Tinubu’s economic policies, such as the unification of the FX rate and the devaluation of the Naira, were poorly implemented, lacking consideration for the average Nigerian’s struggles. “You can’t run an economy where citizens can’t afford two square meals a day,” he remarked.

Call for Strategic Changes

Gabam suggested that Tinubu’s administration lacks the strategic vision needed to address Nigeria’s unique economic challenges. He stressed the importance of policies that empower citizens and create jobs rather than ones that seemingly cater to Western interests. “If the economy is to empower and create jobs with access to funding at low-interest rates, then you are making sense to me,” he added.

Security Concerns and Recommendations

Acknowledging some improvements in national security, Gabam nonetheless called for a restructuring of the security architecture. He emphasized the need for specialized squads to tackle non-state actors and suggested better coordination among various security agencies.

Cabinet Overhaul

Gabam was particularly critical of Tinubu’s cabinet choices, with the exception of the FCT Minister and the Minister of Works and Housing. He advocated for the dismissal of 70% of the current ministers, suggesting that political patronage should not dictate key appointments. “Nigeria has sufficient manpower to drive the government effectively,” he asserted.

As Nigeria navigates these turbulent times, Gabam’s bold recommendations highlight the urgent need for comprehensive reforms to address the nation’s pressing economic and security challenges.

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