5G Scam: Do not provide OTP sent to you, EFCC warns Nigerians


5G Scam: Do not provide OTP sent to you, EFCC warns Nigerians

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has warned Nigerians to beware of fraudsters sending messages and calling citizens, asking to help individuals update their Sim cards from 4G to 5G.

In a brief communique, the antigraft agency explained that an OTP would be sent to citizens who opt to have their mobile sim card “upgraded to 5G” by the scammers, adding that such individuals will then be asked to provide the code with which the defrauders will eventually defraud the innocent citizens.

“PLEASE, DO NOT provide the OTP sent to you,” the Commission warned.

“If you tell them the OTP number they sent, they will transfer all the money in your Bank Account to their own account”.

The EFCC urged Nigerians to ensure that they do not engage strangers who ask to help them upgrade from 4G to 5G, neither should they tell if any individual asks for an OTP.

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